Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New video - Washington State Jade Rendezvous

In this episode, I traveled to Darrington, Washington for the first-ever Washington State Jade Rendezvous. I had documented the Oso area, among others, as a prime jade locale in my "Gem Trails of Washington" book, but this was even better. We hooked up with several local experts, and you'll see about a ton of nice material collected from the area. In addition, I met up with Ed Lehman, famed wagon-master for the Washington State Mineral Council, and also interviewed Lanny Ream, author of "Gem Minerals of Washington" and one of the premier field geologists in the Pacific Northwest.

Zeolites in Washington video

Check me out in a pith helmet! In this video, we banged on the walls at Robertson Pit outside Shelton and also the "Lucky Strike" pit near the Kamilche casino. After that I visited Rudy Tschernich at the Rice Museum in Hillsboro, Oregon, and viewed his world-class zeolite collection.