Wednesday, May 24, 2017

New book is taking pre-orders

Gold Panning California from FalconGuides is now taking pre-orders on

Amazon pre-order site

This project took over two years to complete, with multiple trips back to California. I included lots of museums and state parks where kids can learn to pan, because I wanted to mix information for beginners and experienced panners.

In case you're wondering, my favorite spot was near Helena, an old ghost town above the Trinity River, outside of Weaverville. Here's why:

Underneath that rock, there is enough wiggle room to dig out a lot of good material. When the water is high, the bedrock under there works as a natural trap. We pulled out some pretty good flakes in a short amount of time. But don't worry - we left a bunch!

I hope readers get a chance to tour all over the state and track down the various locales.


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George said...

Very nice entry. I'm waiting for the new one.

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